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Sankt Anton [SAN] - AUT
Women's Downhill

RankName + SurnameNatTotalDiff.
1autMichaela DorfmeisterAUT 1'36.34  
2autAlexandra MeissnitzerAUT 1'36.47 +0.13
3autRenate GoetschlAUT 1'36.52 +0.18
3usaPicabo StreetUSA 1'36.52 +0.18
5suiHeidi ZurbriggenSUI 1'36.78 +0.44
6rusWarwara ZelenskajaRUS 1'37.21 +0.87
7usaHilary LindhUSA 1'37.43 +1.09
8itaBarbara MerlinITA 1'37.52 +1.18
9norIngeborg H. MarkenNOR 1'37.58 +1.24
10gerKatharina GutensohnGER 1'37.62 +1.28
11canKate PaceCAN 1'37.64 +1.30
12rusTatiana LebedevaRUS 1'37.68 +1.34
13autTanja SchneiderAUT 1'37.98 +1.64
14fraFlorence MasnadaFRA 1'38.06 +1.72
15autBrigitte ObermoserAUT 1'38.13 +1.79
16autIngrid StoecklAUT 1'38.19 +1.85
17autAnita WachterAUT 1'38.22 +1.88
18fraRegine CavagnoudFRA 1'38.28 +1.94
19itaPatrizia BassisITA 1'38.37 +2.03
19swePernilla WibergSWE 1'38.37 +2.03
21fraCarole MontilletFRA 1'38.39 +2.05
22suiCorinne Rey Bellet SUI 1'38.48 +2.14
23sloMojca SuhadolcSLO 1'38.49 +2.15
24suiHeidi Zeller - BaehlerSUI 1'38.50 +2.16
25fraNathalie BouvierFRA 1'38.52 +2.18
26gerHilde GergGER 1'38.58 +2.24
27autStefanie SchusterAUT 1'38.59 +2.25
28suiMarlies OesterSUI 1'38.65 +2.31
29gerMartina ErtlGER 1'38.66 +2.32
30gerMiriam VogtGER 1'38.68 +2.34

SG VAIVail ERTLMartina Ertl GER
DH LAKLake Louise STREETPicabo Street USA
SG VALVal d'Isere MEISSNAlexandra Meissnitzer AUT
GS VALVal d'Isere ERTLMartina Ertl GER
DH SANSankt Anton SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
DH SANSankt Anton DORFMEMichaela Dorfmeister AUT
SL SANSankt Anton EDERElfi Eder AUT
KB SANSankt Anton WACHTEAnita Wachter AUT
SG VEYVeysonnaz MEISSNAlexandra Meissnitzer AUT
GS VEYVeysonnaz ERTLMartina Ertl GER
SL VEYVeysonnaz WIBERGPernilla Wiberg SWE
SL SEMSemmering WIBERGPernilla Wiberg SWE
SL SEMSemmering EDERElfi Eder AUT
GS MARMaribor ERTLMartina Ertl GER
GS MARMaribor SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
SL MARMaribor ANDERSKristina Andersson SWE
SG GAPGarmisch SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
SL GAPGarmisch HROVATUrska Hrovat SLO
DH CORCortina STREETPicabo Street USA
DH CORCortina KOSTNEIsolde Kostner ITA
GS CORCortina WACHTEAnita Wachter AUT
SL SESSestriere NEFSonja Nef SUI
SL SERSerre Chevalier RIEGLEClaudia Riegler NZL
SG VALVal d'Isere SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
DH VALVal d'Isere SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
SG VALVal d'Isere SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
DH NRVNarvik STREETPicabo Street USA
DH NRVNarvik ZELENSWarwara Zelenskaja RUS
GS NRVNarvik COMPAGDeborah Compagnoni ITA
DH KVIKvitfjell ZURBRIHeidi Zurbriggen SUI
SG KVIKvitfjell MARKENIngeborg H. Marken NOR
GS HFJHafjell SEIZINKatja Seizinger GER
SL HFJHafjell ROTEN Karin Roten Meier SUI

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