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Adelboden Men's Races

Alpine Ski World Cup: Age and Time Difference Stats

Highest Difference - Giant Slalom

Ingemar Stenmark SWE 2.16 Phil Mahre USA 1981/82
Michael von Gruenigen SUI 1.83 Urs Kaelin SUI 1995/96
Jean Claude Killy FRA 1.82 Willi Favre SUI 1966/67
Ingemar Stenmark SWE 1.70 Christian Orlainsky AUT 1980/81
Ingemar Stenmark SWE 1.70 Boris Strel SLO 1980/81
Gustav Thoeni ITA 1.61 Piero Gros ITA 1973/74
Marc Girardelli LUX 1.56 Alberto Tomba ITA 1990/91
Jean Claude Killy FRA 1.55 Edmund Bruggmann SUI 1967/68
Ingemar Stenmark SWE 1.54 Andreas Wenzel LIE 1978/79
Gustav Thoeni ITA 1.49 Ingemar Stenmark SWE 1975/76

Highest Difference - Slalom

Bode Miller USA 1.92 Ivica Kostelic CRO 2001/02
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 1.83 Manfred Moelgg ITA 2016/17
Lucas Braathen NOR 0.71 Atle Lie McGrath NOR 2022/23
Giorgio Rocca ITA 0.60 Ted Ligety USA 2005/06
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.50 Clement Noel FRA 2018/19
Julien Lizeroux FRA 0.34 Marcel Hirscher AUT 2009/10
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.30 Mario Matt AUT 2012/13
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.29 Andre Myhrer SWE 2013/14
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.27 Ivica Kostelic CRO 2011/12
Ivica Kostelic CRO 0.26 Marcel Hirscher AUT 2010/11

Smallest Difference - Giant Slalom

Alexis Pinturault FRA 0.04 Marcel Hirscher AUT 2016/17
Werner Mattle SUI 0.05 Adolf Roesti SUI 1971/72
Alberto Tomba ITA 0.07 Jure Kosir SLO 1994/95
Hans Enn AUT 0.07 Hubert Strolz AUT 1984/85
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.08 Benjamin Raich AUT 2011/12
Hans Knauss AUT 0.09 Michael von Gruenigen SUI 2002/03
Felix Neureuther GER 0.10 Thomas Fanara FRA 2013/14
Pirmin Zurbriggen SUI 0.11 Marc Girardelli LUX 1986/87
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.17 Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 2017/18
Kjetil Andre Aamodt NOR 0.17 Michael von Gruenigen SUI 1996/97

Smallest Difference - Slalom

Manuel Feller AUT 0.02 Atle Lie McGrath NOR 2023/24
Stefano Gross ITA 0.02 Fritz Dopfer GER 2014/15
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 0.06 Marcel Hirscher AUT 2015/16
Mario Matt AUT 0.10 Benjamin Raich AUT 2007/08
Marcel Hirscher AUT 0.13 Michael Matt AUT 2017/18
Marco Schwarz AUT 0.14 Linus Strasser GER 2020/21
Johannes Strolz AUT 0.17 Manuel Feller AUT 2021/22
Reinfried Herbst AUT 0.18 Manfred Pranger AUT 2008/09
Rainer Schoenfelder AUT 0.19 Bode Miller USA 2003/04
Matjaz Vrhovnik SLO 0.21 Kjetil Andre Aamodt NOR 1999/00

Oldest Winners - Giant Slalom

Cyprien Richard FRA 31yr 11m 12d 2010/11
Hans Knauss AUT 31yr 11m 05d 2002/03
Karl Schranz AUT 31yr 01m 17d 1969/70
Benjamin Raich AUT 30yr 10m 10d 2008/09
Marcel Hirscher AUT 29yr 10m 10d 2018/19
Felix Neureuther GER 29yr 09m 16d 2013/14
Alexis Pinturault FRA 29yr 09m 20d 2020/21
Alexis Pinturault FRA 29yr 09m 19d 2020/21
Benjamin Raich AUT 28yr 10m 06d 2006/07
Marcel Hirscher AUT 28yr 10m 04d 2017/18

Oldest Winners - Slalom

Manuel Feller AUT 31yr 02m 25d 2023/24
Ivica Kostelic CRO 31yr 01m 16d 2010/11
Giorgio Rocca ITA 30yr 05m 02d 2005/06
Julien Lizeroux FRA 30yr 04m 05d 2009/10
Reinfried Herbst AUT 30yr 03m 00d 2008/09
Marcel Hirscher AUT 29yr 10m 11d 2018/19
Johannes Strolz AUT 29yr 03m 27d 2021/22
Marcel Hirscher AUT 28yr 10m 05d 2017/18
Mario Matt AUT 28yr 08m 27d 2007/08
Stefano Gross ITA 28yr 04m 07d 2014/15

Youngest Winners - Giant Slalom

Jean Noel Augert FRA 19yr 04m 20d 1968/69
Andreas Wenzel LIE 19yr 09m 30d 1977/78
Pirmin Zurbriggen SUI 19yr 11m 07d 1982/83
Piero Gros ITA 20yr 02m 14d 1974/75
Richard Pramotton ITA 21yr 08m 19d 1985/86
Gustav Thoeni ITA 21yr 10m 15d 1972/73
Werner Mattle SUI 22yr 02m 18d 1971/72
Ingemar Stenmark SWE 22yr 09m 29d 1978/79
Marcel Hirscher AUT 22yr 10m 05d 2011/12
Gustav Thoeni ITA 22yr 10m 21d 1973/74

Youngest Winners - Slalom

Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 21yr 06m 08d 2015/16
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 22yr 06m 06d 2016/17
Lucas Braathen NOR 22yr 08m 19d 2022/23
Marcel Hirscher AUT 22yr 10m 06d 2011/12
Marc Berthod SUI 23yr 01m 13d 2006/07
Marcel Hirscher AUT 23yr 10m 11d 2012/13
Bode Miller USA 24yr 02m 25d 2001/02
Marcel Hirscher AUT 24yr 10m 10d 2013/14
Marco Schwarz AUT 25yr 04m 25d 2020/21
Rainer Schoenfelder AUT 26yr 07m 25d 2003/04

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