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Lake Louise Men's Races

Alpine Ski World Cup: Age and Time Difference Stats

Highest Difference - Downhill

Bode Miller USA 0.97 Antoine Deneriaz FRA 2004/05
Herbert Plank ITA 0.77 Harti Weirather AUT 1979/80
Michael Walchhofer AUT 0.69 Erik Guay CAN 2003/04
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.64 Max Franz AUT 2012/13
Michael Walchhofer AUT 0.55 Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 2010/11
Michael Walchhofer AUT 0.55 Mario Scheiber AUT 2010/11
Stephan Eberharter AUT 0.49 Hannes Trinkl AUT 2002/03
Didier Cuche SUI 0.44 Werner Heel ITA 2009/10
Max Franz AUT 0.28 Christof Innerhofer ITA 2018/19
Jan Hudec CAN 0.24 Marco Sullivan USA 2007/08

Highest Difference - Super G

Hermann Maier AUT 0.95 Fredrik Nyberg SWE 1999/00
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.85 Adrien Theaux FRA 2012/13
Hermann Maier AUT 0.59 John Kucera CAN 2008/09
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.44 Benjamin Raich AUT 2007/08
Matthias Mayer AUT 0.40 Dominik Paris ITA 2019/20
Marco Odermatt SUI 0.37 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde NOR 2022/23
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.35 Matthias Mayer AUT 2015/16
Markus Wasmeier GER 0.34 Patrick Holzer ITA 1990/91
Hermann Maier AUT 0.32 Lasse Kjus NOR 2000/01
Kjetil Jansrud NOR 0.29 Matthias Mayer AUT 2014/15

Smallest Difference - Downhill

Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.01 Peter Fill ITA 2015/16
Thomas Dressen GER 0.02 Dominik Paris ITA 2019/20
Dominik Paris ITA 0.03 Klaus Kroell AUT 2013/14
Hannes Trinkl AUT 0.03 Hermann Maier AUT 1999/00
Marco Buechel LIE 0.05 Manuel Osborne-Paradis CAN 2006/07
Aleksander Aamodt Kilde NOR 0.06 Daniel Hemetsberger AUT 2022/23
Didier Cuche SUI 0.06 Beat Feuz SUI 2011/12
Peter Fill ITA 0.08 Carlo Janka SUI 2008/09
Franz Heinzer SUI 0.08 Atle Skaardal NOR 1990/91
Beat Feuz SUI 0.09 Matthias Mayer AUT 2017/18

Smallest Difference - Super G

John Kucera CAN 0.06 Mario Scheiber AUT 2006/07
Tobias Gruenenfelder SUI 0.07 Carlo Janka SUI 2010/11
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.07 Benjamin Raich AUT 2005/06
Kjetil Jansrud NOR 0.14 Vincent Kriechmayr AUT 2018/19
Bode Miller USA 0.14 Hermann Maier AUT 2004/05
Stephan Eberharter AUT 0.18 Josef Strobl AUT 2002/03
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.23 Didier Cuche SUI 2011/12
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 0.24 Matthias Mayer AUT 2013/14
Manuel Osborne-Paradis CAN 0.24 Benjamin Raich AUT 2009/10
Hermann Maier AUT 0.26 Michael Walchhofer AUT 2003/04

Oldest Winners - Downhill

Didier Cuche SUI 37yr 03m 10d 2011/12
Michael Walchhofer AUT 35yr 06m 29d 2010/11
Didier Cuche SUI 35yr 03m 12d 2009/10
Marco Buechel LIE 35yr 00m 21d 2006/07
Stephan Eberharter AUT 33yr 08m 06d 2002/03
Fritz Strobl AUT 33yr 03m 02d 2005/06
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 32yr 11m 02d 2015/16
Hannes Trinkl AUT 31yr 10m 03d 1999/00
Stephan Eberharter AUT 31yr 08m 01d 2000/01
Matthias Mayer AUT 31yr 05m 18d 2021/22

Oldest Winners - Super G

Hermann Maier AUT 35yr 11m 23d 2008/09
Stephan Eberharter AUT 33yr 08m 08d 2002/03
Kjetil Jansrud NOR 33yr 02m 28d 2018/19
Tobias Gruenenfelder SUI 33yr 00m 01d 2010/11
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 32yr 11m 03d 2015/16
Kjetil Jansrud NOR 32yr 02m 29d 2017/18
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 30yr 11m 06d 2013/14
Hermann Maier AUT 30yr 11m 23d 2003/04
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 29yr 10m 30d 2012/13
Matthias Mayer AUT 29yr 05m 22d 2019/20

Youngest Winners - Downhill

Helmut Hoeflehner AUT 23yr 03m 18d 1982/83
Dominik Paris ITA 24yr 07m 16d 2013/14
Atle Skaardal NOR 25yr 00m 26d 1990/91
Herbert Plank ITA 25yr 06m 01d 1979/80
Peter Fill ITA 26yr 00m 17d 2008/09
Thomas Dressen GER 26yr 00m 08d 2019/20
Jan Hudec CAN 26yr 03m 05d 2007/08
Bode Miller USA 27yr 01m 15d 2004/05
Michael Walchhofer AUT 28yr 07m 01d 2003/04
Franz Heinzer SUI 28yr 11m 05d 1990/91

Youngest Winners - Super G

John Kucera CAN 22yr 02m 09d 2006/07
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 22yr 11m 01d 2005/06
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 24yr 10m 30d 2007/08
Marco Odermatt SUI 25yr 01m 19d 2022/23
Manuel Osborne-Paradis CAN 25yr 09m 21d 2009/10
Hermann Maier AUT 26yr 11m 29d 1999/00
Bode Miller USA 27yr 01m 16d 2004/05
Markus Wasmeier GER 27yr 06m 08d 1990/91
Hermann Maier AUT 27yr 11m 19d 2000/01
Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR 28yr 11m 01d 2011/12

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