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Maribor Women's Races

Alpine Ski World Cup: Age and Time Difference Stats

Highest Difference - Giant Slalom

Sonja Nef SUI 1.53 Tina Maze SLO 2001/02
Carole Merle FRA 1.30 Anita Wachter AUT 1992/93
Anja Paerson SWE 1.22 Nicole Hosp AUT 2002/03
Vreni Schneider SUI 1.11 Michela Figini SUI 1985/86
Anja Paerson SWE 0.98 Michaela Dorfmeister AUT 2003/04
Anita Wachter AUT 0.91 Sonja Nef SUI 1998/99
Michaela Dorfmeister AUT 0.86 Sonja Nef SUI 1999/00
Francoise Macchi FRA 0.83 Michele Jacot FRA 1971/72
Katja Seizinger GER 0.68 Sonja Nef SUI 1995/96
Michela Figini SUI 0.61 Vreni Schneider SUI 1984/85

Highest Difference - Super G

Hilde Gerg GER 0.13 Martina Ertl GER 1998/99

Highest Difference - Slalom

Barbara Cochran USA 1.40 Britt Lafforgue FRA 1969/70
Vreni Schneider SUI 1.39 Katja Koren SLO 1994/95
Vreni Schneider SUI 1.31 Annelise Coberger NZL 1992/93
Anja Paerson SWE 1.24 Marlies Schild AUT 2003/04
Anja Paerson SWE 1.19 Kristina Koznick USA 2001/02
Vreni Schneider SUI 1.16 Monika Maierhofer AUT 1988/89
Maria Riesch Hoefl GER 1.15 Kathrin Zettel AUT 2008/09
Annemarie Proell AUT 1.06 Berni Rauter AUT 1970/71
Mikaela Shiffrin USA 1.03 Veronika Velez Zuzulova SVK 2014/15
Vreni Schneider SUI 0.88 Deborah Compagnoni ITA 1991/92

Smallest Difference - Giant Slalom

Anna Veith Fenninger AUT 0.04 Viktoria Rebensburg GER 2014/15
Lindsey Vonn USA 0.08 Tina Maze SLO 2012/13
Sabina Panzanini ITA 0.08 Anita Wachter AUT 1996/97
Sabina Panzanini ITA 0.08 Deborah Compagnoni ITA 1996/97
Lise Marie Morerod SUI 0.09 Monika Kaserer AUT 1976/77
Martina Ertl GER 0.15 Spela Pretnar SLO 1994/95
Annemarie Proell AUT 0.15 Florence Steurer FRA 1969/70
Tessa Worley FRA 0.16 Sofia Goggia ITA 2016/17
Tina Maze SLO 0.22 Karen Putzer ITA 2004/05
Kathrin Zettel AUT 0.23 Maria Riesch Hoefl GER 2009/10

Smallest Difference - Super G

Hilde Gerg GER 0.13 Martina Ertl GER 1998/99

Smallest Difference - Slalom

Kristina Andersson SWE 0.06 Elfi Eder AUT 1995/96
Erika Hess SUI 0.06 Tamara McKinney USA 1983/84
Anja Paerson SWE 0.08 Laure Pequegnot FRA 2001/02
Anja Paerson SWE 0.18 Janica Kostelic CRO 2002/03
Tamara McKinney USA 0.18 Olga Charvatova CKS 1984/85
Mikaela Shiffrin USA 0.19 Wendy Holdener SUI 2016/17
Camilla Nilsson SWE 0.25 Vreni Schneider SUI 1986/87
Anja Paerson SWE 0.28 Janica Kostelic CRO 2004/05
Erika Hess SUI 0.28 Hanni Wenzel LIE 1982/83
Pernilla Wiberg SWE 0.29 Hilde Gerg GER 1998/99

Oldest Winners - Giant Slalom

Anita Wachter AUT 31yr 10m 18d 1998/99
Sonja Nef SUI 29yr 08m 15d 2001/02
Carole Merle FRA 28yr 11m 12d 1992/93
Sonja Nef SUI 28yr 08m 17d 2000/01
Lindsey Vonn USA 28yr 03m 08d 2012/13
Tessa Worley FRA 27yr 03m 03d 2016/17
Marie Therese Nadig SUI 26yr 11m 02d 1980/81
Elisabeth Goergl AUT 26yr 10m 20d 2007/08
Michaela Dorfmeister AUT 26yr 09m 11d 1999/00
Ulrike Maier AUT 26yr 02m 30d 1993/94
Viktoria Rebensburg GER 26yr 03m 26d 2015/16

Oldest Winners - Super G

Hilde Gerg GER 23yr 02m 14d 1998/99

Oldest Winners - Slalom

Kristina Andersson SWE 30yr 07m 18d 1995/96
Vreni Schneider SUI 30yr 03m 01d 1994/95
Tina Maze SLO 29yr 08m 25d 2012/13
Vreni Schneider SUI 29yr 01m 27d 1993/94
Pernilla Wiberg SWE 28yr 02m 19d 1998/99
Vreni Schneider SUI 28yr 01m 10d 1992/93
Vreni Schneider SUI 27yr 01m 22d 1991/92
Pernilla Wiberg SWE 26yr 02m 20d 1996/97
Vreni Schneider SUI 25yr 01m 25d 1989/90
Trine Bakke Rognmo NOR 24yr 10m 23d 1999/00

Youngest Winners - Giant Slalom

Annemarie Proell AUT 16yr 09m 21d 1969/70
Francoise Macchi FRA 18yr 05m 24d 1970/71
Michela Figini SUI 18yr 08m 27d 1984/85
Francoise Macchi FRA 20yr 05m 26d 1971/72
Lise Marie Morerod SUI 20yr 09m 16d 1976/77
Vreni Schneider SUI 21yr 01m 10d 1985/86
Martina Ertl GER 21yr 05m 13d 1994/95
Mateja Svet SLO 21yr 05m 04d 1989/90
Tina Maze SLO 21yr 08m 20d 2004/05
Anja Paerson SWE 21yr 09m 00d 2002/03
Annemarie Proell AUT 21yr 09m 23d 1974/75

Youngest Winners - Super G

Hilde Gerg GER 23yr 02m 14d 1998/99

Youngest Winners - Slalom

Patricia Emonet FRA 16yr 05m 11d 1972/73
Annemarie Proell AUT 16yr 09m 08d 1970/71
Barbara Cochran USA 19yr 00m 14d 1969/70
Camilla Nilsson SWE 19yr 05m 01d 1986/87
Erika Hess SUI 19yr 09m 28d 1981/82
Mikaela Shiffrin USA 19yr 11m 09d 2014/15
Urska Hrovat SLO 19yr 11m 04d 1993/94
Anja Paerson SWE 20yr 08m 11d 2001/02
Anja Paerson SWE 20yr 08m 10d 2001/02
Erika Hess SUI 20yr 11m 03d 1982/83

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