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Haute-Savoie 2024
GOLD  Combined  Edoardo Saracco
GOLD  Super G  Max Perathoner
GOLD  Combined  Max Perathoner
SILVER  Downhill  Gregorio Bernardi
BRONZE  Downhill  Max Perathoner
women: no medals
Sankt Anton 2023
GOLD  Slalom  Corrado Barbera
GOLD  Combined   Italy
SILVER  Team Event   Italy
BRONZE  Combined   Italy
SILVER  Downhill  Vicky Bernardi
BRONZE  Super G  Alice Calaba
BRONZE  Slalom  Beatrice Sola
Panorama 2022
GOLD  Downhill  Giovanni Franzoni
GOLD  Combined  Giovanni Franzoni
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Filippo Della Vite
SILVER  Combined  Marco Abbruzzese
BRONZE  Super G  Giovanni Franzoni
women: no medals
Bansko 2021
GOLD  Super G  Giovanni Franzoni
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Giovanni Franzoni
GOLD  Slalom  Sophie Mathiou
Narvik 2020
SILVER  Downhill  Simon Talacci
BRONZE  Downhill  Monica Zanoner
Val di Fassa 2019
GOLD  Slalom  Alex Vinatzer
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Tobias Kastlunger
women: no medals
Davos 2018
SILVER  Slalom  Alex Vinatzer
women: no medals
Aare 2017
SILVER  Downhill  Alexander Prast
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Laura Pirovano
Sochi 2016
men: no medals BRONZE  Downhill  Nicole Delago
BRONZE  Super G  Verena Gasslitter
Hafjell 2015
GOLD  Downhill  Henri Battilani
GOLD  Super G  Federica Sosio
BRONZE  Downhill  Nicole Delago
Jasna 2014
GOLD  Combined  Matteo De Vettori
BRONZE  Super G  Matteo De Vettori
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Marta Bassino
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Karoline Pichler
Quebec 2013
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Alex Zingerle
women: no medals
Roccaraso 2012
SILVER  Team Event   Italy
women: no medals
Crans Montana 2011
men: no medals GOLD  Super G  Elena Curtoni
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Lisa Magdalena Agerer
Region Mont Blanc 2010
GOLD  Downhill  Mattia Casse
SILVER  Combined  Jacopo Di Ronco
BRONZE  Super G  Mattia Casse
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Federica Brignone
Garmisch 2009
GOLD  Downhill  Andy Plank
SILVER  Downhill  Dominik Paris
SILVER  Combined  Dominik Paris
BRONZE  Super G  Dominik Paris
BRONZE  Combined  Giovanni Borsotti
GOLD  Combined  Federica Brignone
BRONZE  Combined  Elena Curtoni
Formigal 2008
GOLD  Downhill  Hagen Patscheider
SILVER  Slalom  Jacopo Di Ronco
BRONZE  Combined  Hagen Patscheider
women: no medals
Altenmarkt 2007
men: no medals women: no medals
Quebec 2006
men: no medals SILVER  Super G  Camilla Borsotti
BRONZE  Super G  Hilary Longhini
Bardonecchia 2005
men: no medals GOLD  Downhill  Nadia Fanchini
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Nadia Fanchini
SILVER  Downhill  Elena Fanchini
SILVER  Super G  Nadia Fanchini
BRONZE  Super G  Elena Fanchini
Maribor 2004
SILVER  Downhill  Silvano Varettoni
GOLD  Super G  Nadia Fanchini
Brianconnais 2003
SILVER  Combined  Lucas Senoner
BRONZE  Slalom  Lucas Senoner
women: no medals
Tarvisio 2002
GOLD  Super G  Peter Fill
women: no medals
Verbier 2001
SILVER  Combined  Luca Tiezza
SILVER  Slalom  Roman Groebmer
BRONZE  Slalom  Cristian Deville
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Peter Fill
BRONZE  Slalom  Emmi Pezzedi
Quebec 2000
men: no medals SILVER  Downhill  Lucia Recchia
BRONZE  Slalom  Emmi Pezzedi
Pra Loup 1999
GOLD  Slalom  Massimiliano Blardone
BRONZE  Combined  Massimiliano Blardone
BRONZE  Super G  Matteo Berbenni
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Denise Karbon
Mont Blanc 1998
SILVER  Downhill  Matteo Berbenni
women: no medals
Schladming 1997
GOLD  Downhill  Matteo Berbenni
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Patrick Thaler
GOLD  Combined  Karen Putzer
GOLD  Super G  Karen Putzer
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Karen Putzer
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Antonella Marquis
Schwyz/Ybrig 1996
SILVER  Downhill  Daniel Dorigo
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Karen Putzer
Voss 1995
GOLD  Downhill  Kurt Sulzenbacher
SILVER  Combined  Walter Girardi
BRONZE  Combined  David De Costa
BRONZE  Downhill  Paolo Lampredi
women: no medals
Lake Placid 1994
BRONZE  Combined  Giorgio Rocca
women: no medals
Colere 1993
GOLD  Super G  Massimilano Iezza
SILVER  Super G  Maurizio Feller
BRONZE  Downhill  Massimilano Iezza
GOLD  Super G  Isolde Kostner
GOLD  Combined  Morena Gallizio Tescari
GOLD  Slalom  Morena Gallizio Tescari
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Morena Gallizio Tescari
BRONZE  Super G  Alessandra Merlin
Maribor 1992
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Michael Stuffer
SILVER  Super G  Morena Gallizio Tescari
Hemsedal 1991
GOLD  Downhill  Iwan Bormolini
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Massimo Zucchelli
SILVER  Downhill  Ernesto De Mattia
SILVER  Combined  Iwan Bormolini
BRONZE  Downhill  Karl Heinz Molling
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Sabina Panzanini
SILVER  Slalom  Morena Gallizio Tescari
BRONZE  Slalom  Sabina Panzanini
Zinal 1990
GOLD  Slalom  Luigi Tacchini
SILVER  Super G  Norman Bergamelli
BRONZE  Downhill  Giovanni Feltrin
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Andrea Raffeiner
Aleyska 1989
GOLD  Slalom  Sergio Bergamelli
SILVER  Super G  Alex Mair
BRONZE  Slalom  Alberto Senigagliesi
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Sergio Bergamelli
women: no medals
Campiglio 1988
SILVER  Super G  Sergio Bergamelli
GOLD  Slalom  Renate Oberhofer
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Bibiana Perez
Hemsedal/Saelen 1987
GOLD  Slalom  Roger Pramotton
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Deborah Compagnoni
BRONZE  Downhill  Deborah Compagnoni
Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Konrad Kurt Ladstaetter
BRONZE  Combined  Peter Runggaldier
BRONZE  Downhill  Deborah Compagnoni
Jasna 1985
GOLD  Downhill  Giorgio Piantanida
women: no medals
Sugarloaf 1984
SILVER  Combined  Luca Pesando
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Luca Pesando
SILVER  Slalom  Nicoletta Merighetti
Sestriere 1983
men: no medals GOLD  Slalom  Fulvia Stevenin
Auron 1982
SILVER  Slalom  Oswald Toetsch
GOLD  Combined  Paoletta Magoni
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Linda Rocchetti
BRONZE  Combined  Linda Rocchetti

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