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World Ski Championships Men's Races

Age Stats - > 1970

Youngest Winners - Downhill

Luc Alphand FRA 17yr 05m 28d Sestriere 1983
Giorgio Piantanida ITA 17yr 05m 13d Jasna 1985
Franck Piccard FRA 17yr 05m 17d Auron 1982
William Besse SUI 17yr 11m 10d Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
Urs Lehmann SUI 17yr 11m 25d Hemsedal/Saelen 1987
Denis Rey FRA 18yr 00m 20d Sugarloaf 1984
Kaspar Gilgenrainer GER 18yr 00m 26d Campiglio 1988
Romed Baumann AUT 18yr 00m 27d Maribor 2004
Matteo Berbenni ITA 18yr 01m 11d Schladming 1997
Kurt Sulzenbacher ITA 18yr 04m 18d Voss 1995

Youngest Winners - Giant Slalom

Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 17yr 08m 05d Roccaraso 2012
Guenther Mader AUT 17yr 08m 12d Auron 1982
Konrad Kurt Ladstaetter ITA 17yr 09m 19d Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
Robert Zan SLO 17yr 10m 04d Jasna 1985
Alexis Pinturault FRA 17yr 11m 16d Garmisch 2009
Gregor Grilc SLO 17yr 11m 16d Campiglio 1988
Johan Wallner SWE 17yr 11m 25d Sestriere 1983
Marcel Hirscher AUT 18yr 00m 07d Altenmarkt 2007
Mathieu Faivre FRA 18yr 00m 13d Region Mont Blanc 2010
Rudolph Nierlich AUT 18yr 00m 11d Sugarloaf 1984

Youngest Winners - Combined

Johann Hofer AUT 17yr 02m 02d Sugarloaf 1984
Peter Wirnsberger Ii AUT 17yr 05m 03d Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
Guido Hinterseer AUT 17yr 10m 00d Auron 1982
Kostantin Chistiakov RUS 18yr 00m 29d Campiglio 1988
Markus Larsson SWE 18yr 01m 23d Schladming 1997
Leonid Melnikov URS 18yr 01m 04d Sestriere 1983
Frederic Covili FRA 18yr 04m 00d Lake Placid 1994
Loic Meillard SUI 18yr 04m 15d Hafjell 2015
Patrick Bechter AUT 18yr 06m 08d Verbier 2001
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 18yr 07m 26d Quebec 2013

Youngest Winners - Super G

Martin Stocker AUT 17yr 02m 11d Schladming 1997
Jeremy Nobis USA 17yr 04m 28d Campiglio 1988
Freddy Rech FRA 18yr 00m 20d Mont Blanc 1998
Francois Bourque CAN 18yr 03m 17d Brianconnais 2003
Didier Defago SUI 18yr 04m 25d Schwyz/Ybrig 1996
Kjetil Andre Aamodt NOR 18yr 06m 20d Zinal 1990
Marco Schwarz AUT 18yr 06m 10d Jasna 2014
Andreas Sander GER 18yr 08m 15d Formigal 2008
Ralph Weber SUI 18yr 09m 03d Roccaraso 2012
Jure Kosir SLO 18yr 11m 14d Hemsedal 1991

Youngest Winners - Slalom

Rok Petrovic SLO 16yr 11m 27d Sestriere 1983
Johan Wallner SWE 17yr 00m 27d Auron 1982
Anders Lunqdvist SWE 17yr 02m 29d Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
Mitja Dragsic SLO 17yr 07m 11d Schladming 1997
Reto Schmidiger SUI 17yr 09m 11d Region Mont Blanc 2010
Roger Pramotton ITA 17yr 10m 14d Hemsedal/Saelen 1987
Rainer Salzgeber AUT 17yr 10m 07d Jasna 1985
Benjamin Raich AUT 18yr 00m 03d Schwyz/Ybrig 1996
Stefan Schalamanov BUL 18yr 00m 29d Campiglio 1988
Chip Knight USA 18yr 01m 26d Colere 1993

Oldest Winners - Downhill

Lars Roesti SUI 21yr 01m 01d Val di Fassa 2019
Henri Battilani ITA 21yr 00m 14d Hafjell 2015
Giovanni Franzoni ITA 20yr 11m 05d Panorama 2022
Nils Mani SUI 20yr 08m 30d Quebec 2013
Sam Morse USA 20yr 09m 12d Aare 2017
Rok Aznoh SLO 20yr 04m 10d Sankt Anton 2023
Livio Hiltbrand SUI 20yr 04m 03d Haute-Savoie 2024
Marco Odermatt SUI 20yr 03m 23d Davos 2018
Alexis Monney SUI 20yr 01m 30d Narvik 2020
Hagen Patscheider ITA 20yr 01m 07d Formigal 2008

Oldest Winners - Giant Slalom

River Radamus USA 21yr 00m 13d Val di Fassa 2019
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 20yr 08m 06d Hafjell 2015
Ryder Sarchett USA 20yr 06m 06d Haute-Savoie 2024
Alexander Steen Olsen NOR 20yr 06m 21d Panorama 2022
Aleksander Aamodt Kilde NOR 20yr 05m 04d Quebec 2013
Loic Meillard SUI 20yr 04m 15d Aare 2017
Marco Odermatt SUI 20yr 03m 29d Davos 2018
Michael Gmeiner AUT 20yr 01m 26d Bardonecchia 2005
Jeffrey M Harrison USA 20yr 01m 02d Maribor 2004
Mario Scheiber AUT 20yr 00m 01d Brianconnais 2003

Oldest Winners - Combined

Max Perathoner ITA 21yr 00m 13d Haute-Savoie 2024
Matteo De Vettori ITA 21yr 00m 10d Jasna 2014
Giovanni Franzoni ITA 20yr 11m 07d Panorama 2022
Edoardo Saracco ITA 20yr 11m 08d Haute-Savoie 2024
Stefan Hadalin SLO 20yr 08m 25d Sochi 2016
Loic Meillard SUI 20yr 04m 13d Aare 2017
Marco Odermatt SUI 20yr 03m 27d Davos 2018
Tobias Hedstroem SWE 20yr 02m 20d Val di Fassa 2019
Kurt Engl AUT 20yr 01m 29d Pra Loup 1999
Tim Jitloff USA 20yr 01m 16d Bardonecchia 2005
Romed Baumann AUT 20yr 01m 24d Quebec 2006

Oldest Winners - Super G

Stefan Rieser AUT 21yr 02m 02d Narvik 2020
Max Perathoner ITA 21yr 00m 13d Haute-Savoie 2024
Isaiah Nelson USA 20yr 11m 02d Panorama 2022
Thomas Mayrpeter AUT 20yr 09m 19d Quebec 2013
Nils Alphand FRA 20yr 08m 23d Aare 2017
Marco Odermatt SUI 20yr 03m 25d Davos 2018
Manuel Kramer AUT 20yr 02m 03d Garmisch 2009
Michael Gmeiner AUT 20yr 01m 24d Bardonecchia 2005
Miha Hrobat SLO 20yr 01m 08d Hafjell 2015
Beat Feuz SUI 20yr 00m 25d Altenmarkt 2007

Oldest Winners - Slalom

Adrian Pertl AUT 20yr 10m 22d Aare 2017
Clement Noel FRA 20yr 09m 04d Davos 2018
Lenz Haechler SUI 20yr 08m 30d Haute-Savoie 2024
Henrik Kristoffersen NOR 20yr 08m 07d Hafjell 2015
Alexander Steen Olsen NOR 20yr 06m 22d Panorama 2022
Benjamin Ritchie USA 20yr 06m 00d Bansko 2021
Manuel Feller AUT 20yr 04m 13d Quebec 2013
Corrado Barbera ITA 20yr 02m 11d Sankt Anton 2023
Istok Rodes CRO 20yr 01m 09d Sochi 2016
Filip Trejbal CZE 20yr 01m 19d Bardonecchia 2005

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