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Haute-Savoie 2024
GOLD  Team Event   Norway
BRONZE  Slalom  Hans Grahl-Madsen
women: no medals
Sankt Anton 2023
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Oscar Andreas Sandvik
BRONZE  Team Event   Norway
BRONZE  Downhill  Pernille Dyrstad Lydersen
Panorama 2022
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Alexander Steen Olsen
GOLD  Slalom  Alexander Steen Olsen
women: no medals
Bansko 2021
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Kaspar Kindem
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Marte Monsen
Narvik 2020
men: no medals BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Kaja Norbye
Val di Fassa 2019
SILVER  Combined  Atle Lie McGrath
BRONZE  Combined  Lucas Braathen
GOLD  Super G  Hannah Saethereng
SILVER  Combined  Kaja Norbye
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Kaja Norbye
Davos 2018
SILVER  Team Event   Norway
BRONZE  Slalom  Joachim Jagge Lindstoel
GOLD  Super G  Kajsa Vickhoff Lie
GOLD  Downhill  Kajsa Vickhoff Lie
Aare 2017
SILVER  Slalom  Bjoern Brudevoll
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Timon Haugan
women: no medals
Sochi 2016
SILVER  Combined  Markus Monsen
BRONZE  Team Event   Norway
women: no medals
Hafjell 2015
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
GOLD  Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
GOLD  Team Event   Norway
SILVER  Downhill  Markus Monsen
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Markus Monsen
GOLD  Downhill  Mina Fuerst Holtmann
SILVER  Downhill  Maria Therese Tviberg
SILVER  Super G  Mina Fuerst Holtmann
BRONZE  Combined  Mina Fuerst Holtmann
Jasna 2014
GOLD  Downhill  Adrian Smiseth Sejersted
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
GOLD  Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
SILVER  Combined  Adrian Smiseth Sejersted
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Markus Monsen
BRONZE  Combined  Markus Monsen
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Rasmus Windingstad
SILVER  Downhill  Nora Grieg Christensen
Quebec 2013
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Aleksander Aamodt Kilde
GOLD  Combined  Henrik Kristoffersen
BRONZE  Super G  Adrian Smiseth Sejersted
BRONZE  Combined  Endre Bjertness
GOLD  Combined  Ragnhild Mowinckel
SILVER  Combined  Maria Therese Tviberg
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Ragnhild Mowinckel
Roccaraso 2012
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
SILVER  Slalom  Henrik Kristoffersen
SILVER  Combined  Henrik Kristoffersen
GOLD  Super G  Annie Winquist
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Ragnhild Mowinckel
GOLD  Combined  Ragnhild Mowinckel
SILVER  Combined  Annie Winquist
BRONZE  Super G  Ragnhild Mowinckel
Crans Montana 2011
men: no medals GOLD  Downhill  Lotte Smiseth Sejersted
Region Mont Blanc 2010
SILVER  Super G  Espen Lysdahl
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Espen Lysdahl
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Mona Loeseth
GOLD  Combined  Mona Loeseth
SILVER  Combined  Lotte Smiseth Sejersted
SILVER  Slalom  Mona Loeseth
BRONZE  Downhill  Lotte Smiseth Sejersted
Garmisch 2009
GOLD  Slalom  Jesper Riis-Johannessen
SILVER  Downhill  Lotte Smiseth Sejersted
BRONZE  Slalom  Nina Loeseth
Formigal 2008
SILVER  Downhill  Eian Sandvik
SILVER  Combined  Kristian Haug
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Markus Nilsen
BRONZE  Slalom  Kristian Haug
women: no medals
Altenmarkt 2007
men: no medals women: no medals
Quebec 2006
GOLD  Slalom  Lars-Mikkel Bjoerge
BRONZE  Slalom  Nina Loeseth
Bardonecchia 2005
SILVER  Combined  Kjetil Jansrud
women: no medals
Maribor 2004
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Kjetil Jansrud
BRONZE  Combined  Lars Elton Myhre
women: no medals
Brianconnais 2003
men: no medals SILVER  Giant Slalom  Lene Loeseth
Tarvisio 2002
GOLD  Combined  Aksel-Lund Svindal
SILVER  Super G  Aksel-Lund Svindal
BRONZE  Downhill  Aksel-Lund Svindal
BRONZE  Slalom  Aksel-Lund Svindal
women: no medals
Verbier 2001
men: no medals women: no medals
Quebec 2000
men: no medals women: no medals
Pra Loup 1999
men: no medals women: no medals
Mont Blanc 1998
men: no medals women: no medals
Schladming 1997
BRONZE  Downhill  Andreas Damstuen
women: no medals
Schwyz/Ybrig 1996
men: no medals women: no medals
Voss 1995
men: no medals SILVER  Downhill  Cecilie Hagen Larsen
BRONZE  Slalom  Cecilie Hagen Larsen
Lake Placid 1994
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Hans Petter Buraas
women: no medals
Colere 1993
men: no medals women: no medals
Maribor 1992
BRONZE  Giant Slalom  Torbjoern Soegaard
women: no medals
Hemsedal 1991
men: no medals GOLD  Super G  Julie Lunde Hansen
Zinal 1990
GOLD  Downhill  Kjetil Andre Aamodt
GOLD  Super G  Kjetil Andre Aamodt
GOLD  Giant Slalom  Lasse Kjus
SILVER  Giant Slalom  Kjetil Andre Aamodt
SILVER  Slalom  Kjetil Andre Aamodt
SILVER  Downhill  Lasse Kjus
BRONZE  Super G  Lasse Kjus
BRONZE  Slalom  Lasse Kjus
women: no medals
Aleyska 1989
men: no medals women: no medals
Campiglio 1988
men: no medals women: no medals
Hemsedal/Saelen 1987
men: no medals women: no medals
Bad Kleinkirch. 1986
men: no medals women: no medals
Jasna 1985
men: no medals women: no medals
Sugarloaf 1984
BRONZE  Slalom  Finn Chr. Jagge
BRONZE  Combined  Finn Chr. Jagge
women: no medals
Sestriere 1983
men: no medals women: no medals
Auron 1982
men: no medals women: no medals

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